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tender and thoroughly EuropeanBorn in Italy and living in London, is a slippery devotee of magical thinking. He is steeped in art history, especially the early tiffany free runs 20th century era of cultural manifestos and collective action.For him the world really is a stage, and he refashions its works (furniture, clothing, commercial illustration, puppet theater, advertisements, street lights and party favors) into his souffle of a drama.His rigor saves him from whimsy, and his acute visual intelligence from trivia.

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senior nike tiffany curator chose David for a program Darling calls "SAM Next." In it, young artists from the Northwest alternate exhibits with peers from outside the region."Bulbous Marauder" is a tender show, dark save for lanterns whose multicolored shades are a tribute to 's dresses. The shades evoke the early 20th century, when European artists dreamed of being useful and, if not useful, then at least disruptive of the old order aesthetic revolutionaries in tattered top hats and tails.In contrast, David's work is polished.

It looks as if his pinkie was raised to make it. His figures relate to the past but have shed its baggage. He hopes to enchant the world, not change it.American artists tend to engage the carnival theme with gamey vulgarities, while Europeans produce tiffany blue nikes high toned spectacle. There are exceptions, but the inclination is striking, considering the free flow of cultural influences.David is European to his core. Even when working alone, he creates the illusion of a dainty and deft band. Whether he's embroidering paintings, turning costumes into lampshades and rendering images of black coat racks (with pert breasts) tiffany blue nike free runs into a chorus to accompany his own version of clowns, his meanings are polished but not fixed.

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Sum them up, and they slide through your hands.In an essay in , which he opens by declaring, "My name is not Enrico David," he speaks for all artists who do not want to describe their work or, worse, have it described for them."I'm not tour guide, toastmaster, apologist or surrogate," he wrote. "If you are after meaning of fixed value, then you're in the wrong shop. Meaning is a proposition, not an assurance. tiffany blue shoes Meaning is also the name of a nomadic tribe who offer wares to anyone open to conversation."That conversation is a silent one between the viewer and artwork.

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