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tiffany nike free runs The Girl Power guide to the Spice GirlsMain Article: TouchAt the age of 17 she was briefly a member of the English vocal girl band that would go on to become the Spice Girls. Alongside Melanie Brown, Melanie Laccohee replaced with Victoria Adams, Lianne Morgan later replaced by Melanie Chisholm and Suzanne Tinker replaced with Geri Halliwell, Stephenson completed the original 1994 lineup of "Touch" receiving the highest scores at the audition.

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Stephenson was a member of the group for only a short period before commitment issues prompted Heart Management to remove her. She was replaced by a girl called Abigail Kis but only for a short period and finally by Emma Bunton after nike free tiffany blue 6 months as the fifth member.On documentary Raw Spice, she commented on her leave after the formation of Touch, she said that she had no regrets about leaving and jokingly added, "though obviously the money would be nice." Also, she mentioned "I was the one at university, the intelligent one as it were. They all thought I was 'Smart Spice.

One of the reasons she left the band was that she had some contractions of the music produced saying, "I was not happy in the band," and then going on to say, tiffany blue nike free run It was not the kind of music I wanted to be doing. It was very, very pop." But on the same program, Chris Herbert reveals that she did not fit into the group so was asked to leave.If so, this is very similar to George Martin, The Beatles Music Producer and Brian Epstein, the Beatles Manager deciding to sack Pete Best and replacing him permanently with Ringo Starr back in 1962.The other reason stated on another program airing on the same day was that she had to go take care of her sick mother and to go into education in University.

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Her sacking from Touch and being permanently replaced with Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) is just like when the Beatles sacked their original Drummer Pete best back in 1962 nike free run tiffany blue and replaced him permanently with Ringo Starr as he too did not fit into their group so was asked to leave. However just like Michelle, Pete Best is now happily married and continues touring, performing and working in the Music Industry.In November 2003, she formed a songwriting partnership with Ben Hackett and Mike nike tiffany blue Edwards (under the name SHEsongs), recording and releasing 6 solo songs for SHEsongs called "In Control",Of course I regret I'm not a multi millionaire like them.

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