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The Journey 21First nike tiffany blue off I like to say that I consider Nick a sort of modern day Frank Sinatra. in that he definitely has a classy way of dressing himself. When I first saw this look. It seemed off to me. don get me wrong I do like the grey suit. the fact that his gloves match his shoes is pretty ace. the pocket square was a nice touch and went quite well with his maroon sweater but the scarf. I don know what it is. maybe its the color. or perhaps it the way it tied. I don know.

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lol aside from that it a nice ensemble.Get Inspired: Trevor Donovan A Touch of ColorTrevor look is the perfect example of how to appropriately incorporate color, pattern, tiffany blue free runs texture, and shine into ones ensemble. The fit of his suit is perfect for him and his suit jacket hits him exactly where it needs to. I seen so many men with suits that just aren the right fit for their body types. (ex. the jacket is too long or the pants are pleated and too large. etc.). Fit is an extremely crucial element when it comes to looking smart in a suit. you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Get Inspired: Special Edition SuitsYou don have to settle for a boring suit. Remember the key elements to a smashing suit are: color, texture pattern, shine, tiffany blue nike free runs and fit. There are all sorts of things that you can add to your look to make you stand out. in a good way. For example you can add a pocket squareor opt for a bow tie, you could even get a skinny tie or a woven tie. Little details go a long way. You really have a ton of options when it comes to putting your suit together. To name a few. there are different collar and lapel types, shirts that require cuff links etc. tiffany blue nikes Explore your options and don be afraid to try something new. Remember that:begins at the end of your comfort zone Donald WalschGet Inspired

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David Gandy Pocket SquaresI feel as though pocket squares are extremely underworn. especially with younger guys. I think they are a great way to add a little more personality/visual interest to your workwear. If you see David Gandy in a suit nike tiffany chances are he be sporting a pocket square.I just think that the pocket square is a nice finisher piece and also helps set the tone. I know in these photos of David Gandy he went for the pocket square that matched his tie but there is a world of options when it comes to pocket squares.

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