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The Marriages of Tony CurtisTony Curtis had six children and seven grandchildren.Kelly Lee Curtis: Born June 17, 1956 iin Santa Monica, California. Kelly tiffany nike free runs is an actress. Her mother is Janet Leigh.Jamie Lee Curtis: Born November 22, 1958 in Los Angeles, California. An actress and director, Jamie has been married to Christopher Guest since 1984. Jamie's mother is Janet Leigh.Alexandra Theodora Curtis: Born in 1964. Her mother is Christine Kaufmann.Allegra Curtis: Born in 1966 in Los Angeles

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California. tiffany blue shoes An actress. Her mother is Christine Kaufmann.Nicholas Curtis: Born in 1971, Nicholas was an actor, keyboard musician, poet, and artist. Nicholas died due to a drug overdose on July 2, 1994 in Provincetown, Massachusetts. His mother is Penny Allen.Benjamin Curtis: Born in 1973.Tony's Thoughts About Marriage:Tony: "My whole life I've had one overriding philosophy: Don't marry someone who reminds you of your mother. And I'm happy to report that I never did."pg. 88

Tony: "What amazes me is not that Hollywood marriages fail at such an overwhelming rate; it's that any survive at all."Source: Tony Curtis, Peter Golenbock. American tiffany blue nike free runs Prince: A Memoir. 2008. pg. 159.Tony's Sixth Marriage Jill Ann Vandenberg:Born: Jill was born abt. 1967. Jill is 42 years younger than Tony.How Tony and Jill Met:Tony met Jill in 1996 at Nicky Blair's restaurant.Wedding Info: Jill and Tony were married on November 6, 1998 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were 75 guests at their civil ceremony. Jill wore a white beaded minidress and a fox fur trimmed white coat.

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The tiffany free runs couple's wedding cake had three tiers. They honeymooned for three weeks in Europe.Jill's Occupation: Horse trainer. Jill runs a wild horse refuge,Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary in Sandy Valley, Nevada.Quotes About the Marriage of Tony and Jill Curtis: "Tony is still married to Jill today, making their marriage the longest lasting and most successful relationship Tony has ever enjoyed. Tony attributes his health, well being, tiffany blue nikes and happiness to Jill."Tony: "This is one marriage in which the bride didn't change after we got married, and she didn't want me to change either."

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