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Telling and tiffany blue nikes selling the naked truthNewspapers come and go. Mostly go these days. Sadly, it was one year to the day, today, that Denver became a one newspaper town.So, how is it that The Little Kingdom Come in Central City is been publishing for 40 uninterrupted years. Could it be the masthead slogan "Bringing Beery News To The Pointylands" or "Published Whenever We Damn Well Feel Like It"? Or is it because each issue features a photograph of a man and/or woman naked, who most of the time should not be naked.Denver adman Lew Cady has been editor of the paper since issue No.

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in its first year, 1970. tiffany blue shoes So, we asked him why this paper survives and even thrives (the 40th anniversary issue has 40 pages!)"I probably drink more beer than anyone at the Rocky did, with a few exceptions," says Cady. "And we're not a daily or a weekly or a quarterly. We're whenever."As for the naked people in the newspaper, they are all locals. "It all started when Burt Reynolds did that Cosmopolitan thing (in 1972). Someone said, 'Well, that's a cute idea. But who would do it?'

Ends up, just about everybody. And that's not always a good thing."Very few people should be naked when you think about it," says Cady, who appears in the buff with six tiffany blue free runs other local "gunslingers" in the anniversary issue. "But nakedness is a small element to the newspaper. I don't write it, I just write it down, all the crazy things that people say and do up here."This issue features contributors Dick Kreck, Patty Calhoun and Mike Keefe. Now that's a talent pool. Head up to a Central City bar or casino to get a copy.

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If you have to spend 36 hours in Telluride, nike free tiffany blue today's New York Times has a feature telling you what to do. "It's like Aspen was back in the '70s, but less pretentious," said Bo Bedford, described as an "Aspen refugee" and a manager at the New Sheridan Hotel. "It hasn't gone Hollywood yet."Well, there is that film festival that brings to town in a weekend more Hollywood types than Aspen sees in a year.A recent column here mentioned the song "Denver State of Mind." tiffany free runs It prompted New New Razon Wallace to dig up a song she wrote in the '80s about Vail's fabled back bowls, sung to Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind.

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